Updating and patching

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Updating and patching

At times you may want to update virtual packages with new software versions or patches.

Let's distinguish between different types of updates:

1.Major update (i.e. from version 1.x to version 2.x of a software).

2.Minor update / security patch.

3.Single file replacement.


There are different ways to update Cameyo packages:

Re-packaging the latest version: you can always re-capture the latest version of the software. As long as the package keeps the same AppID, running the package will automatically patch any existing binaries and registry keys before running, without affecting user-created data files. This method works for all update types.

Using the -Patch parameter on the virtual package (see Virtual package command lines). This method is mostly recommended for update type #2.

Adding / replacing specific files through the Package Editor's File manager. This method is mostly recommended for update type #3.