Keeping app settings across different machines

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Keeping app settings across different machines

You can keep certain settings within an application and take them with you wherever you go.


This can be done in a number of ways:


When initially installing & packaging the software, any settings you modify before ending the capture, will be kept within the application. Example:

       Start the application capture process.

       Install the app you wish to package.

       Run your app and configure it however you wish.

       Finish the capture process.

While using the app, you can modify your settings and then repackage the virtual app. Example:

       Use your app, configure it as you wish, and close it.

       Run your app with the "-Repackage" parameter (i.e. "MyApp.cameyo.exe -Repackage").

By putting your virtual app in your Dropbox folder, its settings are synchronized among computers as well. Example:

       Move your app into your Dropbox folder.

       Use it.

       Whenever you go to another machine that has access to your Dropbox account, the savings will be shared as well.